SAaHF! the webcomoc

But not really; ironic present for royalfailure for her b-day (despues te hago otro, pero este era un must). Hoop you laeik, DOG.

i should be sleeping
i’m so done, later

how do you PS?

royalfailure, this is for you… NOW IN FULL COLOUR /shots

Some extra CD from the last drawing. Embrace the cuteness.

Original and Rainbow

free time + Illustrator = poor shitty agents

doctor-frederick-chilton asked: I can't decide which one. They are both so pretty

Why thank you, my dear! ^^ Most prefer the second one… but I can’t help like both :3 I guess simplistic things are “in” XD

Which one do you prefer?

Originals @ my dA. 

Done yesterday in Graphics Technology class after remembering both this post and the “Let’s kill Hitler” Doctor Who episode.

My first gif EVER. Constructive critiques are welcome! C:

Holy crap~

Made my first gif ever~! It’s a bit crappy, but I’m still proud of it :D Gonna post it later, now my bed is calling me (4.21 am).

Some shadow practice. Based on this gif:

royalfailure asked: LiFe Is BeAuTiFuL
AnD sO iS tAv ;o)

TaV iS jUsT a PeRsOnAl MiRaClE :oD hE iS tHe BeSt BrO fOr ThE sIcK rHyMeS